Interviews, Conversations and Thoughts


Bill Fontana in conversation with Hans Ulrich Obrist from Primal Energies Exhibition Catalogue, Kunsthaus Graz


Interview with Andrea Huber for AVL Foundation's Front Row Series ragarding the Primal Energies Exhibition in Graz


Interview from Soundscape in the Arts by Jøran Rudi, Oslo, 2010


Radio Feature on KALW San Francisco on Sonic Shadows at SFMOMA


Resounding Relativity by Camille Norment about Sound Island


Bill Fontana's musical Sculptures -the Shadows of John Cage by Stefan Beyst


Sound and Music interview with Bill Fontana about River Sounding


River Sounding Feature on BBC Radio 3 in 2010


River Sounding Feature by the Guardian in 2010


Speeds of Time Interview by BBC Radio 3 in 2008


Radio feature about Spiraling Echoes on KALW Public Radio


Bill Fontana interviewed by Ben Borthwick at Tate Modern about Harmonic Bridge a


Bill Fontana interviewed by Charles Amerkanianian in 1990 on KPFA's Ode to Gravity


Radio Feature on ABC-FM in 1978 about Sound Sculpture Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria


Radio Feature by KPFA on Landscape Sculpture with Fog Horns in 1981


Radio Feature by National Public Radio's All Things Considered on Landscape Sculpture with Fog Horns in 1981


Conversation between Bill Fontana and composer Anthony Moore



Archival Television Interviews and Features about Bill Fontana