SONIC MAPPINGS by Bill Fontana


(please listen on headphones for the optimum experience)

SONIC MAPPINGS is an immersive sound sculpture that is born from the relationship between MAXXI, Zaha Hadid’s architecture, and the city of Rome.

Starting from the Roman aqueduct of the Acqua Vergine, which enters the historic quarter of the city from the East and supplies some of its most beautiful fountains, including the Trevi Fountain, the artist has mapped the multiple sounds of the aqueduct, capturing the sounds produced by the water as it flows through the underground tunnels and fountains.

SONIC MAPPINGS is a musical collection of the acoustic, harmonic and rhythmical qualities of the water in movement through different places and times. It is a listening environment in which to immerse oneself, with a musical vocabulary that connects the museum with the ancient acoustic heart of Rome.

This is a site specific sound sculpture with multiple trajectories and layers of moving sound that pass through the 38 loudspeakers integrated into the surfaces of the architecture so that its flowing shapes are inscribed with flowing sounds.

(Acoustical Visions of the Acqua Vergine)